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If you would like to advertise a course or training event on our website, please contact the LMC office (029 20899381).

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Supported by the End of Life Care Board the Royal College of General Practitioners and Marie Curie have put together a programme designed to explain what the compassionate community approach to end of life care is, how it can support GP practices in the care they provide, the impact on emergency admissions to hospital and how to begin the process of putting together a costed programme.

The programme, which introduces the Frome Model of creating a compassionate community, consists of one day’s training, followed with mentoring support from GP leads who have experienced the process of implementing the model within their community, along with a one day workshop.

With the results of the pre-questionnaire, and the information and requirements that can be identified once working back within your Cluster, there will be an opportunity to pull together a bid tender to implement the programme within your own Cluster geographical area. Support to draw up the tender will be provided over the programme.

The Outcomes of the Frome Model experienced to date:

· It has already proven transformative with up to a 30% reduction in emergency admissions across a whole population.
· Has been successfully led by Primary Care, utilising their knowledge of challenges and understanding of their needs.
· Provides support in implementing identified changes in care planning and links with the community, secondary care, social care and network support all of which transforms the patients’ journey to a greater level.

TRAINING DAY 1: dedicated to exploring the main features of the Frome model and will be run by the Compassionate Communities UK expert team, giving first-hand experience of how the changes evolved and were implemented.

Chose a Training Date and Venue out of these three choices:

· Thursday 25th January 2018, Tredegar House, Newport
· Thursday, 15th February 2018, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanathne SA32 8HN
· Friday, 9th March 2018, Venue Cymru, Llandudno

WORKSHOP DAY 2: a workshop based approach which will support GP cluster representatives in developing a costed compassionate community implementation plan.

Chose a Workshop Date and Venue out of these three choices:

· Thursday, 19th April 2018, The Village Hotel, Cardiff
· Thursday, 26th April 2018, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanarthne SA32 8HN
· Thursday, 10th May 2018, Venue Cymru, Llandudno

The Frome model has 4 main principles which are being presented in this programme:

· Reliable system of identification of those in need of support in GP surgeries and hospitals through setting up an internal hub with the GP practice
· Patient centred goal setting and care planning including admissions avoidance, resuscitation and end of life discussions
· Robust network mapping + enhancement: with connections between primary care and community development services, using the network mapping tool
· Implementation of Compassionate City Charter

Wherever possible it is better if the same person attends both days.

There is £200 backfill remuneration available per GP attendee per training day for those GPs whose time would not be covered by their post.

To REGISTER, contact Liz Rees, the Compassionate Communities Wales Programme Support person on or call on 07517 909469 to book your place.

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Details of local education and training events are advertised on the GP Appraisal website and here is a link to the website GP Appraisal website



The NHS Learning website provides access to courses and events. However, to access the full site you need to register with an NHS email address.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible for freelance GPs to get an NHS email address, so the LMC is concerned and disappointed that having one is a pre-condition for registration with the site.

We have discussed this with NHS Learning service desk and they have advised that GPs without NHS email addresses who want to access courses can do so by contacting the relevant course administrators.



The Deanery continues with its activity for sessional doctors and puts on specific events regarding revalidation. Take a look at :

Also, in conjunction with GPC Wales, the Deanery has written to all practices in Wales to encourage a culture of affiliating sessional GPs with a single practice in order to facilitate access to audit, SEA and patient/colleague feedback.