Bro Taf LMC

Telephone: 02920 899381


Who's Who at the LMC

Chairman - Dr Akram Baig

Vice Chairman - Dr Steve Davies

Medical Secretaries - Dr Jacqueline Gantley

                                  Dr Kevin Thomas

Constituency Leads - Dr Sarah Morgan (Cardiff)
                                  Dr Jonathan Griffin (Vale) 
                                  Dr Has Shah (RCT)
                                  Dr Kevin Thomas (Merthyr)

Cardiff Constituency
Dr Om Aggarwal
Dr Charles Allanby

Dr Kate Baker
Dr Steve Davies

Dr Amir Ghanghro

Dr Jane Hexter

Dr Andrew Jones
Dr Helen Lawton
Dr Haydn Mayo

Dr Sarah Morgan

Dr Damian Pathy

Dr Kay Saunders MBE

Dr Ceri Walby


Merthyr Tydfil & Cynon Constituency
Dr Sanjiv Khanna

Dr Bhupendra Patel

Dr Mark Semmens

Dr Kevin Thomas

Rhondda Taff Ely Constituency
Dr Probal Banerjee

Dr Peter Brooks

Dr Bill Harris

Dr David Miller

Dr Westley Saunders

Dr Has Shah

Dr Naomi Stanton

Dr Stephanie Foulkes-Moran

Vale of Glamorgan Constituency
Dr Akram Baig
Dr Jonathan Griffin

Dr Christian Ogden


LMC Secretariat

Fiona Ricci, Executive Secretary

Clare Thomas, Secretarial Assistant




Registered Company Number: 6744207
Registered Office: Henstaff Court Business Centre, Groesfaen, Cardiff, CF72 8NG





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Directors of the Company:

Bro Taf LMC Ltd


Dr Akram Baig

Dr Jacqueline Gantley

Dr Steve Davies 



Members of the Company Board:


Dr Akram Baig

Dr Steve Davies

Dr Jacqueline Gantley

Dr Sarah Morgan

Dr Jonathan Griffin

Dr Kevin Thomas

Dr Has Shah




Bro Taf LMC Ltd is the statutory representative organisation for GPs in

Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda Cynon Taff and Merthyr Tydfil


Committee members' names, practice phone numbers and email addresses are available here click here

Please contact a Committee member of your choice if you have any issues you want to raise with the LMC.




LMC Members on External Groups/Committees click here