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About us

The LMC's main functions and duties are:-

  • To liaise with the two Health Boards in our area (Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan and Cwm Taf Morgannwg) on the administration of the GP Contract.
  • To represent the views of GPs in Bro Taf on general practice and health service issues.  The LMC gives professional advice to the Health Boards on a wide range of matters and is represented on various local NHS committees and groups. It also has links with other health related organisations.
  • To provide GPs with advice and information.
  • To help GPs with complaints, partnership and workplace issues.
  • To help maintain the standing of general practice with the media and the public.
  • To encourage good practice and the maintenance of high professional standards.

The Full LMC meets bi monthly and in addition to its elected GP members also has representation from the National Public Health Service, Sessional GPs and BMA Wales.

The Full LMC is supplemented by two constituency based sub-committees, one for Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan and the other for Cwm Taf Morgannwg.

Constituency meetings are held quarterly in the relevant localities and cover discussion of any current issues. Core members of the constituency meetings are the elected LMC members and all GPs in the area (with the option to include Practice Managers and/or Practice Nurses, according to the subject matter of each meeting). 

Decisions taken at constituency meetings are reported to the full LMC for ratification and information. GP practices are encouraged to be proactive in setting the agenda for constituency meetings. 

The LMC meets regularly with the two Health Boards in our area to discuss and manage issues affecting general practice and GPs in each area, particularly administration of the GMS contract.


Click here to view our Annual Report - Bro Taf LMC Ltd Annual Report 2022/23