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Counselling and Pastoral Support

GPs and practices who are encountering difficulties in their work or personal lives can get a broad range of support and guidance.  Help is available from:

- Health for Health Professionals (HHP) Wales Service

HHP Wales is a new face to face counselling service for all doctors in Wales.  It provides doctors with access to a British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) accredited therapist in their area.  The service is confidential and is fully funded for doctors in Wales by the Welsh Government.  If you wish to use this service call 0800 058 2738 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday; calls are free from landlines but calls from mobiles may be charged).

If you need to speak to someone out of hours (between 5pm and 9am weekdays and weekends) please telephone the BMA counselling service on 0845 9 200 169 or go to  to find information on a comprehensive range of services available for all doctors across the UK.  You do not have to be a member of the BMA to use the service.

If you contact HHP Wales a doctor advisor will ring you back within 24 hours to discuss your concerns.  If the doctor advisor thinks the counselling service can meet your needs, they will put you in contact with an accredited BABCP therapist to provide you with support.  You can then contact the therapist directly.  The doctor advisor may also suggest other services that may be of help.

Please note that HHP Wales is only for counselling and cannot provide legal advice, an advocacy service or represent doctors at tribunals or GMC hearings.  HHP Wales is not an emergency service.


-  The BMA: 0330 123 1245

The BMA Wellbeing Support Services Counselling/Peer Support service is open 24/7 and any doctor or medical student can receive counselling and peer support.

For further information about these services please call 020 7383 6739 or email 



-  The Doctors Support Network: 0844 395 3010

The DSN is a fully confidential self-help group for doctors with mental health concerns.

Doctors Support Network website:  


- The Cameron Fund: 020 7388 0796

The Cameron Fund is the only medical charity which solely supports NHS General Practitioners. This includes GP Trainees, working GPs, retired GPs, as well as dependents of GPs.  The Fund helps GPs and their families who are suffering financial hardship, whether through physical or mental ill-health, disability, bereavement or loss of employment.

Financial help is tailored to best support an individual’s return to work. As well as grants and loans, the Fund can help with money advice assessments and career coaching for those who may no longer be able to continue to work as a GP.

Part of a series, this video explains The Fund's eligibility criteria and clarifies who we likely to offer financial support to:
CF video 2: Who we help
CF video 3: How we help
CF video 4: Application process
CF Video 5: Who We Are

​​​​​​​Email:     Website:


-  The LMC: 029 20899381


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Are you a Doctor seeking financial help?  There are five charities which may be able to help you...... 
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