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You can get information from the BMA, but for those who aren't members, here is a link to a BMJ Careers article: 

Preparing the perfect medical CV | The BMJ



To apply for inclusion in the Medical Performers' List (Wales) follow this link:

Apply for Inclusion in the Medical Performers List - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership



Having medical indemnity cover is a professional responsibility, as outlined in GMC Good Medical Practice (paragraph 34).  The BMA has guidance on medical indemnity on its website:

NHS medical indemnity (

There are three medical defence organisations - the MDU, the MPS and the MDDU Scotland.  Here are their contact details:

MDU:     0800 716376

MPS:   0845 7187187

MDDU Scotland:   0845 2702034



Here is a link to the .  It provides advice on qualifying conditions, the application process and links to the various forms that locum GPs will need to join the scheme (including forms A&B).



The LMC is not indemnified to give financial advice and cannot direct GPs to particular private providers of advice or policies.  Here is a link to an "independent" website that may help you to locate sources of IFA, solicitors and accountants.



Accountancy and the tax man

Get an accountant.  They will talk you through the process of becoming self employed and will explain how to:

- Notify HMRC of the start of self employment

- Set up class 2 national insurance contributions

- Consider if class 4 national insurance contributions need to be deferred


Record Keeping

Failure to keep good records can result in substantial fines.  You should keep:

-  Copies of invoices issued in respect of work done

-  Receipts for expenses incurred

-  Mileage log

-  Bank statements showing income and expenses

-  Credit card statements if used for business

-  Copies of pension paperwork (forms locum A and B)

-  Copies of pay slips, P45, P60s


Saving for tax

This is vital and many a self employed business has gone bankrupt due to an unexpectedly large tax bill.  This is, perhaps, not surprising given that if, for example, you start work in August 2011 the first tax you will pay will be in January 2013.  This tax bill, if you haven't been saving for it, will come as a nasty surprise.


Submit your tax returns on time

Penalties having increased recently.  For the tax year 2009-2010, tax returns must be submitted if on paper by 31.10.11 or online by 31.01.11.  Remember, if you use an accountant (and we strongly advise you do unless you are well versed in tax returns), you will need to send them your accounts in good time before the filing date, to give them time to complete your tax return.



This is straight forward, 2 copies one for work and another for your records stating when, where and how many sessions+/-housecalls you have done.  It is up to you how much you charge, but surgeries often have standard rates and these may or may not include housecalls, for which you may choose to charge separately.






If you want to work in Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taff, you can advertise your services on Bro Taf LMC's locum list, which is published on the LMC's website:  (insert link to our new locum page)



Appraisal is a formative and developmental process.  It is about identifying development needs, not performance management.  It is a positive process, to give GPs feedback on their past performance, to chart continuing process and identify development needs.   Click here  to visit the GP Appraisal website for Wales.

In August 2011 the BMJ issued its new Learning Portfolio.  This is a simple and accessible system for recording what you have learnt and putting it together in a neat file for use with your appraiser, or for other purposes.  We are advised that Trainees and sessional GPs should find the BMJ Learning Portfolio more useful than the old "plan and record" system.  The BMJ Learning Portfolio should give everyone a very easy tool to collate their learning record.  Here is a link to BMJ Learning:



You can find details of local meetings on this website (see our Education and Training page) and on the GP Appraisal website   click here   


Medic Mentor are keen to recruit mentors from within Wales.  They are a social enterprise scheme run by young doctors who work with 15-17 years olds to prepare them for their application to Medical School. 

Click here for more information about becoming a Medic Mentor.