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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

GPs are open for business - Videos produced by C&V PCIC on specific areas linked to GMS (June 2020)

19 May 2020 Shielding Update - Welsh Government letter from Dr Mark Walker, Senior Medical Officer

15 May 2020 Process for Secondary Care Additions to the Welsh Shielded Patient List - from Dr Frank Atherton, CMO

Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB - Process for requests to close main or branch surgery site or change of use during COVID-19 (Mar 2020)

Health for Health Professionals (face to face counselling for any healthcare professionals)

Rapid Access to Covid Wellbeing Support (C&V UHB poster)

COVID-19 Fixed Term GP Role, Cardiff & Vale UHB 

Welsh Health Circular (WHC) 2020 006 COVID-19 Response - Continuation of Immunisation Programmes - 3 Apr 2020

PPE guidance:
Recommended PPE for healthcare workers by secondary care inpatient clinical setting, NHS & independent sector 
Recommended PPE for primary, outpatient & community care by setting, NHS & independent sector 
Recommended PPE for ambulance staff, paramedics, first responders, other patient transport services & pharmacy staff 
Additional considerations, in addition to standard infection prevention & control precautions

NHS guidance on death certification and cremation (31.03.20).  Please note that even though the document mentions NHS England this also applies to Wales.

All Wales DNA CPR Policy during COVID-19

BMA Ethics guidance during COVID-19 

COVID Testing Pathway, C&V UHB (24.03.20)

Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer - Public Health Link - Coronavirus COVID-19 Key changes to testing criteria (18.03.20)

COVID-19 FAQs about Ethics

COVID-19 INTERIM GUIDANCE FOR PRIMARY CARE - Management of patients presenting to Primary Care Version 1.2 PHW

Welsh Government Statement from Vaughan Gething (13.03.20)

Message from Cardiff & Vale UHB PCIC Clinical Board Director (13.03.20)

Letter from Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB Primary Care Team (15.03.20)

Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) - LMC Statement (09.03.20)